About this blog

Since 2007 when I first started working with Python for my MSc. project, I’ve seen this language mature and flourish beyond my wildest dreams. In the past couple years, I’ve seen MATLAB fanatics making the switch, web-devs ditching PHP, and the hardcore C++ devs grudgingly admitting that maybe, just maybe, Python allows for more productive coding. And I couldn’t be happier!

This blog is dedicated to “the usage of the Python programming language in scientific endeavors”. A small subset of my posts will comprise opinionated dribble reflecting my humble opinion on different aspects of the Python, e.g. distributions, certain packages, etc. However, the primary purpose of this blog is to provide Python tutorials and promote time-saving yet little-known tools. Topics will include visualization, image processing, data analysis, high-performance computing etc etc.

All the material, i.e., the Markdown documents I wrote with Byword and published here, the IPython Notebooks with the code I’m presenting, and any supplementary data, can be found in the BitBucket repo dedicated to this blog.

So, welcome, do take a look around, feel free to drop me a line or comment, and I hope that you will gain something from this 🙂

Cheers from the land down under,

12 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for creating such a great blog . Your explanations for using VTK, SimpleITK, and Python in general are superb. I am especially interested in segmentation for radiation therapy purposes.
    Do you know of any good resources for applying machine/deep learning algorithms to medical image segmentation? (By “good” I mean anything remotely similar to your blog/explanations.)
    Thanks again,


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